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Mu​léke Daily

The Muléke Daily is your ultimate go-to, daily shortboard. Our most popular design, perfect for Southern California. Not quite your regular shortboard, but not a groveller either, the Muléke Daily is somewhere in between, offering the best of both: paddle power, easy to surf, yet very aggressive and able to handle head-high + days surprisingly well. Solid in the pocket, yet loose off the top. Order it 2 - 3" shorter than your regular shortboard.

Bottom: Full Single to Double (Recommended)

Tail: Round-Round, Squash, or Swallow

Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures


5'6" - 6'8"

I recommend surfing the Picanha with your favorite quad set of fins + an FCS Knubster for just the right amount of added control!

The Picanha is the best cut of meat there is; if you ever had one, you know what I am talking about! In Brazil, we don't cut the fat out of this most prized steak so in this new model, the fat is not cut out either, providing great paddle power on a design that should be surfed 4 - 6 inches shorter than your everyday shortboard. The Picanha was inspired from the fun Fresh Catch, but adding more aggression and responsiveness on an easy to surf board. Don't be afraid of the look and volume; this board is your ticket for a guaranteed fun session, high wave count in 0 - shoulder/head-high surf.  

Bottom: Full Single to Double to Vee

Tail: Diamond or Square Squash
Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures
(5-Fin Standard)


4'5" - 6'0"

Fres​h Catch

The Fresh Catch is a super fun Summer board, but don't let its fullness fool you, it's a skateboard under your feet. With a flat deck line and lower entry rocker, you will get into any wave, but a tuned tail rocker keeps it alive in the pocket allowing you to punt on command and throw some buckets...even on mushy surf! A must have in the Quiver!

Bottom: Full Single to Deeper Double (Recommended)*

Tail: Round-Round
Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures
(Thruster or 5-Fin Option)


4'9" - 6'0"


The Iska is the ultimate groveller. With slighty fuller rails and a wider nose and tail, you will get in front of any wave and skate through flat sections to finish with that solid air reverse, big air, or mean hack!

The Iska is for everybody, from the competitive grom to the WCT Pro, it's a fun all-around board.

Bottom: Full Single, or Full Single to Double

Tail: Squash, Swallow, or Diamond
Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures 

4'6" - 6'2"


4'9" - 5'8"

The Tupi is your charger shortboard, the board for the competitive grom looking to elevate his/her surf in solid waves. More nose and tail rocker allows you to handle late drops as well as pocket and barrel rides with confidence.

Bottom: Full Single, or Full Single to Double; I will introduce a Vee off the tail depending on the surfer style.
Tail: Squash, Round-Round, or Round-Pin
Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures​

6'0" - 7'0"

The Mini may still get another name in the future, but for now, it's a unique approach to get the excited, inspired grom (bit by the surf bug) to quickly progress his/her surfing ability. Think of it as a miniature high-performance longboard fine tuned to where you want to go with your surfing ability. As soon as a grom can consistently ride a wave on a foam board, get them into a Mini and you will see the stoke and ability soar!

Bottom: Single, or Full Single to Double; I will introduce a Vee off the tail depending on the surfer.
Tail: Squash, Swallow, Round-Round, Round-Pin, or Diamond
Fins: FCS Fusion or Futures ​


* Recommended design features for a model can and will be adjusted to best fit your ability, style, and goals. Again, it's all about what you want to feel while riding a wave!

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