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Breno Basilio


"Muléke" comes from the Portuguese word "Moleque," a kid, a Grom, ...which I believe we all are...should be! Now let's have some FUN out there!

Breno​ Basilio


Born in Brazil, Breno Basilio grew up skateboarding and surfing, always very interested in the design and performance of both. At the age of 14 Breno moved to the US to study, and a few years later, after getting his Computer Engineering degree while surfing the Outer Banks and snowboarding up and down the East Coast, his passion for surfing connected him to great friends in the island of Santa Catarina, a place known as Floripa (short for Florianópolis). Avelino Bastos, 7-time Shaper of the Year in Brazil and master shaper/designer of Tropical Brasil Surfboards, David Husadel, Teco Padaratz, Pedro Lani...and many others who greatly influenced the sport, were all contributors to his design approach and continuous stoke for the sport and progressive design of surfboards.

Now living in Southern California for many years, Breno enjoys designing surfboards for all levels of ability and goals, but with a special focus on groms; be it a beginner, the soul grom that just wants to enjoy every wave out there, or the super competitive, WCT-goal driven grom, always educating and introducing new exciting feelings for every style.

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