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A 6-pack of ultra-durable wax, fresh from the factory in mess-free boxes.



      • Cold: Our softest wax for water temps below 60°F/15°C
      • Cool: A semi-soft wax for water temps 58°F-68°F/14°C-19°C
      • Cool/Cold: A universal wide-range temperature wax for water temps below 69°F/20°C
      • Warm: A semi-hard wax for water temps 64°F-74°F/19°C-28°C
      • Tropical: A hard wax for water temps above 75°F/24°C
      • Original Blueberry scent
      • Non-toxic, biodegradable, all-natural
      • For best performance, use Sticky Bumps basecoat under any of our temperature-specific waxes
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